You're the Reason I'm Leaving


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Some granite wall
Numbs our bones, numbs our all
As we sit on skinny hands
Nothing to say, nothing at all
I don't know you and I, I don't want to
You're so awkward just like me
But I don't care
You're the reason I'm leaving
I'd no idea that in four years
I'd be hanging from a beam
behind the door of number ten
Singing well fare thee well
I am leaving
Yes I leave it all to you
You're the reason I'm leaving
As we ride along under an optimistic sun
The radio sings that Everybody song by rem
And Here I Am Fighting Fighting
Yes I'm Fighting not to cry
And that's another reason
Why I oughtta hate you like I do
Like I do
I'm the reason you're leaving [1][2]

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