Nick McCarthy
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Full Name

Nicholas John McCarthy


December 13, 1974


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Associated Acts

Franz Ferdinand, Box Codax, FFS (Franz Ferdinand Sparks), Manuela (Band)


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Nick McCarthy (also known as 'Pretty Boy Franz') was born in Blackpool, England the 13 of December 1974.

Although he was born there, he had grown up in Bavaria, Germany. He is the guitarist, keyboardist, and backing/lead vocalist of Franz.


He was trained classically as a pianist and double bassist at the Munich Conservatory. Whilst residing in Germany,McCarthy was a member of a band called Kamerakino. He also played double bass, cello and Arabic lute in a band called Embryo, whose music is described as a 'fusion of jazz, rock and ethnic world music.' After extensively touring internationally with Embryo, McCarthy decided it was time for somewhere new, returned to the UK and, on a friend's suggestion, moved to Glasgow. There, McCarthy broke into Glasgow's underground cultural scene as a member of the jazz band Scatter, shortly after he met Alex Kapranos, now of Franz Ferdinand fame. (Thank you so much, Wikipedia)

Nick met Alex at a party. Well, I mean... Alex found Nick, with his bottles of Vodka... Alex was going to beat up Nick. A tip: never, ever, steal a bottle of vodka to anyone. Unless that person is Alex Kapranos. In that case, you could become a world-renowned guitarist.

Alex had befriended Nick upon the pretence that he could play the drums, he could play all right, but certainly not the drums, given that he had become a classically trained musician in his native germany, but the fact Nick's drumming ability was somewhat lacking became irrelevant as they soon discovered that there was potential present for them to be able to write beautiful music together.

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Other Data:

  • Nick married Manuela Gernedel (his Austrian fiancée) on 2 July 2005, in Bavaria. The band turned down a Live 8 spot so that the pair could get married.
  • Nick was born on Friday the thirteenth. For some people, Friday the thirteenth is an "unlucky day"
  • His birth name is "Nicholas John Augustine McCarthy"
  • Nick learned Spanish though a Peruvian woman.
  • He also speaks German (due to he lived in Germany when he was a kid)



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