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Lois Lane seemed

A pretty strong woman

The kind of woman

That a girl could be

So you got an HND

In journalism

Because journalism

Could change the world

And if you changed the world

Then you could be happy


You made good choices

To change our world

So you could be happy

The motivation

Of altruism

Is selfishness

The desire for

The pleasure of the reward

Ah, the fine young cynic!

You cried

Would you rather not have a go

And change the world?

So you could be happy

You could be happy


Oh, he changed you

I mean I did not like him

No, I never liked him

Which made me not like you

Not like I used to do

No we were never

We were never friends

So you could be happy


At the over 30s Singles Nite

It’s bleak

It’s bleak

It’s bleak

It’s bleak

See you next week

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