This aims to be a list of every and each one of the Franz-related groups and fan pages you could find on Facebook. If you know about a page or a group that's not listed, please edit the page.

Franz Fans by Countries (A-Z)

Chilean Fan Page

Colombian Fan Page

Colombian Group

Mexican Fan Page

Paraguaian Fan Page

Peruvian Fan Page

Spanish Fan Page

Facebook Fan Pages (A-Z)

Alex Kapranos Eye-Raping You

Alex Kapranos' hair

Alex Kapranos on Twitter!

Alex Kapranos' perfect profile

Alex Kapranos' striped shirts!

Alex Kapranos' weird dance!

Alex & Nick criss-crossing guitars!

Bob Hardy

Bob Hardy - a heavy tea drinker!

Bob Hardy's Shark Hat

Bob's Canon G10


Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand explotó en el Luna 2010!

I bet I can find 50.000 people who LOVE Franz Ferdinand!

Jackie Jackson (Franz Ferdinand)

Kapranos Daily

Make Franz Ferdinand their own Rockband game!

Nick McCarthy's Ass is LOVE ^^

Nick McCarthy's Laugh

Nick McCarthy's one hand applause!

Nick McCarthy screaming Hey Hey during shows!

Nick McCarthy speaking German

Paul Thomson's Hair

Paul Thomson's teeth

Señora que parió a Kapranos

Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand

Yo fui a ver a Franz Ferdinand el 12/3 al Luna Park !!

Facebook Groups (A-Z)

Bring Bob Pretzels

Bob Hardy is the only reason for me to join the army.

Alex Kapranos is better than porn


Franz Ferdinand 2010♥

Ame la risa de Nick

Vi A Alex Kapranos Subirse Al Ampli y Tocar de Espaldas

Nicholas John McCarthy

Church of Bob Hardy

Alex Kapranos aumenta el sensualismo

Alex Kapranos es el culpable del calentamiento grupal

I joined yet another Franz Ferdinand group because the others aren't enough

I can't resist when Alex Kapranos whispers "Last night was wild" in Ulysses

Alex Kapranos can "Take Me Out" any day of the week


Facebook apps (A-Z)

Alex Kapranos Advice

Kapranos Daily

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